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You may also find the book To Blossom and Back useful. The book sheds light on The emotions and thought processes during an affair. It covers the highs and the lows. 

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Life is nought but lest we fall and learn from our mistakes

To feel and question at the same time, having compassion and a sense of connection.

This is a true story with strong romantic encounters and all the elements that ensues love and the twists love creates.

It is an accurate account of pure passion and obsession (addiction).

The story is explanatory and genuine.

It describes emotions and the desire in a very factual way.

Feeling truly torn and lost is not a pleasant place to be, but it can be worth it in various ways, This is a written record, which highlights the pain and learning curves that are found along the way.

The book describes all those involved, it brings alive characters as they truly are.

We enjoys life, but sometimes we get it wrong. However, we do learn, 

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A cognitive counsellor is a really good idea. They help you think about situations in a whole different way. I found my councillor Julia was a life savior. So pleased I found her.



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This book is here to help. It may just enlighten and reveal how an affair affects the mind. How consuming and personality changing it is....

This may sting.

Loose sight and loose love. Create loneliness and solace will be seeked elswhere. Take for granted and all will fade away. Solitude will...

This is deep.

To all those who do not understand why someone would have an affair. Don't even try to understand it. For those that fall into it, don't...


To return to a normal state of health, mind or strength. The recovery process takes time and there are intrinsic issues to deal with...

This is a poem I wrote during my affair.

I cry. No distractions. I cry. The pain is endless morning, noon, and night. It takes over my soul like a virus, spreading uncontrollably...

Dark days and dark nights

Ok here is the truth. As the betrayer you will experience darkness. An affair takes you to places you have never been. Amongst the highs...

Relationship Going Down the Drain?

A marriage needs work. No work no enjoyment. It just becomes a routine and you end up going through the motions (I hate going through...

I can only imagine?

Will we ever actually know or understand what the other person goes through? In a word, no. How could we possibly contemplate or know...

The long haul..

The future will become the past... No one said it would be easy. If they did they were lying! Once the affair is actually over. the long...

The illusion

Life can be a game. Sometimes cruel and relentless. It gives and it takes away. No reason, no rhyme! Life can also play some devastating...

And so it is!

One moment of insanity. That is all it takes. 5 seconds and your life has changed forever. When you do, it is done. When it is done, it...

The reason.

So interestingly it was mentioned that I wrote the book To Blossom and Back for the pure purpose of money..... lol. However, the truth is...


I do not like questions that I do not want to answer. I would rather run! However it is now my duty to answer questions. Especially when...

The quick version

There was a friendship Which grew... Which turned into emotions Which turned into flirting Which turned into fantasys Which turned into... #kindle

This book hopfully will help those going through an affair. It relates to the problems that the person having the...


April 27, 2020, 12:43 pm - The reviewer wrote: I think this book could be of great help to all those who struggle with having...


I needed help! Lost, alone and in a confusing place. Blinded by a lie. Blinded by fantasy. Wondering around in thick fog. Lost. I needed...

Time is a great healer

Time is the great healer for sure. Emotions and pain do not go away in weeks, months or x amount of years. This all sounds very strange...

What we can learn from the past

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But unfortunately we have to learn by going through circumstances. Sometimes we create those circumstance...