Welcome to my website. I’m thrilled you’re here. I have so much I want to share and am excited to introduce you to my book. This book sheds light on emotional affairs. The highs the lows. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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My Journey

This book was a challenge to write. It was painful, heart-breaking, heart-warming and awkward. To Blossom and Back is like nothing I have ever experienced or written in my life, sometimes I ask myself if I even had the life qualifications to deal with the situation. I clearly did not.
To feel and question at the same time as well as having compassion and a sense of connection. This is a true story with strong romantic encounters and all the elements that ensues love and the twists love creates. It is an accurate account of pure passion and obsession if you like, or rather addiction. The story is explanatory and genuine. It describes emotions and the desire in a very factual way.
It has been a real challenge for me personally to write this because it is hard for me to re-live due to all the emotion involved. Feeling truly torn and lost was not a pleasant place to be, but it was also worth it in various ways, I wrote the book as a written record, which will highlight the pain and learning curves that I found along the way. The book describes me and all those involved, it brings alive our characters as we truly are.
I am just an everyday hard-working person that enjoys life, but sometimes I get it wrong. However, I do learn, and I do like to share. I Worked in the NHS UK as a senior manager for ten years before I moved to New Zealand with my wife and my two Jack Russel's I love my dogs and my wife 😊



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A cognitive counsellor is a really good idea. They help you think about situations in a whole different way. I found my councillor Julia was a life savior. So pleased I found her.



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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

So here is a question. are our choices always a choice? For example, I had an affair (shame) but if you read my book #ToBlossomandBack you will see that I had to make a choice. I thought i did make a choice but looking back and thinking I wonder if I really did. I was deliberating whether or not I should cross the line. Should I or shouldn't I that was the dilemma. However I actually think I had already decided subconsciously that I was going to. Of course I did not really kn