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You may also find the book To Blossom and Back useful. The book sheds light on The emotions and thought processes during an affair. It covers the highs and the lows. 

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Life is nought but lest we fall and learn from our mistakes

To feel and question at the same time, having compassion and a sense of connection.

This is a true story with strong romantic encounters and all the elements that ensues love and the twists love creates.

It is an accurate account of pure passion and obsession (addiction).

The story is explanatory and genuine.

It describes emotions and the desire in a very factual way.

Feeling truly torn and lost is not a pleasant place to be, but it can be worth it in various ways, This is a written record, which highlights the pain and learning curves that are found along the way.

The book describes all those involved, it brings alive characters as they truly are.

We enjoys life, but sometimes we get it wrong. However, we do learn, 

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A cognitive counsellor is a really good idea. They help you think about situations in a whole different way. I found my councillor Julia was a life savior. So pleased I found her.



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Q. If you think about the whole journey, what is one of your biggest regrets? A. I could not possibly define one regret as the biggest. ...

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Q. Why did you have an affair? A. There is know why? It is not something you plan. It is a build-up of feelings and emotions that at a...

Affair Questions and Answers

Was there any mercy when you had your affair? No! Looking back I think where was the mercy? There was none on my part. Not because I am a...

A Story....

To share an experience is to share a learning curve. That is the purpose, to help others understand either the mistake or to understand...

What a wonderful outcome!

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I heard once that 100% trust is a health option in a relationship. But is it. I also heard that 100% was not a healthy option. I think I...

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Pride before a fall, yet time and time again couples do not seem to understand that to give a little is a means to reward. Stubbornness...

The Affair Outcome

An affair is more than just an affair. There are severe consequences from such a deep and meaningful act. One of the outcomes is stress,...

Sex over rationalisation

Rationalisation is a wonderful thing. We Rationalise heaps of stuff on a daily basis. From crossing the road, what should we eat, shall I...

Let me invite you into my world...

A warm sunny Sunday afternoon. I laid on the hammock looking up into the deep blue sky. She came out. I heard her. I invited her to join...

Relationship suffers due to closed door.

Yes, we all need to earn money. We have bills to pay and we want nice things. House, cars, big TVs, phones, iPad etc. the list goes on...


If you have a particular question on an affair, your side or theirs please let me know. Just ask. I will respond with some thoughts.

10 tips to making a good decision.

1. Mind over matter is a good guide. You know what is right! But the flesh is weak. Be strong, be determined and let the mind win, not...

Sex vs Love

My Dad can be a wise chap at times (amongst his unfiltered self). But his response to my being in love was this: “The Greeks have many...

Marriage on last legs!

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